Salk InternationalSalk International, LLC, is a 38-year-old travel-marketing company, which for many years concentrated on international trade fairs and special-interest group programs in technical, professional, cultural, and sports fields, and today serves as an agency meeting the needs of individual travelers.

Its founder and president, Ron Salk, is editor-in-chief and publisher of Salk International’s Airport Transit Guide, a favorite resource for travel agents and companies worldwide.  Now in its 31st year, his guide, which The New York Times has called “one step behind comfortable shoes as a necessity for the air traveler,” went  digital as an  app for iPhone/iPod/iPad in  late 2010 and for Android smartphones and tablets in mid-2013.  Its more than 460 airports have been completely revised for the  digital edition, including recent free updates.  For questions, information, requests, please contact: ronsalk@salkinternational.com